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The Safe Back-to-School Solution Your Kids Will Love for Ages 5-9

Our Digital Learning Camp is the PERFECT solution for parents worried about sending thier kids back to school. We offer a safe and healthy alternative with daily assistance, martial arts fitness classes & limited camp numbers. Just watch this video to learn more...

What makes your camp any different than going to school?

That's a great question and here's a quick summary of why we're different:

What will a typical day at Digital Learning Camp be like for my child?


$199 Registration Fee per child
$225 per week
* 9 Week Commitment
*Laptops provided by school district.
*Headphones & school supplies should be provided by parents.

Special Offer!! $199 weekly for the first 5 registrants!

Privacy Guaranteed

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long will you be offering the digital learning camp?
A:  Currently, we will be offering session 1 camp services starting September 8, 2020. 
Q: How many campers will you be excepting into the camp?
A: Our digital learning camp will only be offered to 12 students.  Due to limited availability, families wanting to participate will be encouraged to register early.  Campers will be excepted at a first come, first served basis.
Q: Can I stop digital learning camp at any time?
A:  We are dedicated to providing an exceptional experience to all the families we service.  As a result, if our camp is not meeting your expectations please let us know and we will work with you to ensure you are completely satisfied.  However, you are making a 9-week commitment.  This allows us to ensure we are able to continue to offer this service to all the families and meet our commitments to our hardworking staff.
Q: What about school holidays?
A:  We will be closed on national holidays, but other than that, we will be open.
Q: What if schools are forced to close again?
A:   We plan to continue to offer our services unless we required to be shut down by the state or federal government.
Q: Why is there a registration fee for digital learning camp?
A: Due to the added cost to offer this limited week camp, we are requiring a one-time fee of $199 per child.  This fee helps cover the necessary expenses and resources for those participating in camp.
Q: Who will be watching over my child and assisting them with digital learning each day?
A:  The facilitator will be an adult with experience in working with younger kids and who loves to see them learn and grow.
Q: What will my child need to bring with them to camp each day?
A:  They will need everything they normally bring to school including their book bag, 2 snacks, lunch and water bottle. 
Q: Does my child need to be martial arts student to participate in the digital learning camp?
A:  No, any child is welcome to participate and no prior martial arts experience is needed!
Q: Will other people be allowed into the facility while my child is in camp?
A: In order to honor social distancing, adults/parents will only be allowed in the building if absolutely necessary for their child.
Q: Are you going to be requiring temperature checks and hand washing upon arrival of the camp students?
A:  YES, before entering our building campers and staff will be required to wash their hands and have their temperature checked each day.
Q: Will drop-off and pick-up procedures change from previous years?
A:  YES, due to state regulations for COVID-19 all parents will be asked to stay in their cars during pick-up each day.  We'll have a designated parking spot for parents to help facilitate safe pick-up of your child each day.
Q: Will parents be allowed into the facility during camp?
A:  To limit exposure to COVID-19, state regulations ask that parents only enter into the facility when absolutely necessary.  As a result, we'll update you throughout the day with pictures of your child, activities schedules and messages through our student app!  Additionally, we check-in and check-out each child and greet you in the parking lot!
Q: Will campers, students or staff be required to wear a mask?
A:  At this time, students will wear masks when they are in the building. If they are outside the building and socially distanced then they not required to wear their mask. The facilitator will wear their mask during the entire session.
Q: What social distancing measures will you have in place?
A:  When possible, we'll use common-sense practices and space children apart during activities times.  While on the mat, students will continue to learn and a distance of at least 6 feet and activities will be limited (no sparring or partner drills) to reduce personal contact.  During digital learning and lunch times, all desk will remain 6 feet apart.
Q: Will students be allowed to use the water fountain during after school?
A:  No, we'll encourage students to bring water bottles to reduce touch points in the facility and staff will assist children with refilling water bottles.


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